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Why Above The Dead?

I've always wanted to write my own series. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead, and once Fear The Walking Dead came to life, I knew this world of the dead was a place with endless material. And endless is a place I plan to take my story.

I was 41 while playing with the idea in my head and even creating characters (the above pic is my daughter looking online for the type of names we needed while her little sister list our Above The Dead characters). By 42 I began putting it to paper. I don't plan to stop.

I currently work 45-55 hours a week for UPS, but still find the time to do what I love. And after only a few months I am already close to finishing the first season (6 episodes). I plan to keep going over the years and into retirement. I do it, because long after I'm gone, these stories and all their many, many seasons, will hopefully be floating around online for all time. I hope people can enjoy it, become addicted, shed some tears, and experience goosebumps from time to time. My gift to the world...

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