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Above the Dead is a Walking Dead spin-off. Different characters but same universe, world and problem...

An absolute emotional mess, and a total suspense/thriller...

FYI...the term "zombies" is used in the beginning for explanatory reasons, but not by the characters, as the term does not exist in their world/universe. Eventually, those characters will create their own term, known as "huffs". Care to know what it stands for? Read and find out!

Season 1 is brutal, but the character development it creates is something that will carry into the seasons to come, in which this family has the resources to do something that most people cannot, as they work to rebuild large sections of Oregon, and eventually into Washington, even creating "dead free" zones along stretches of the coastline...

With both wealth and wisdom working toward their survival in the upcoming apocalyptic world, this family also has a head start, working in their favor. Preparing most of his life for such an apocalypse, Sam Baker raised his family to prepare as well. He also raised them with a ton of heart.

With their support, he has a compound constructed, and over the years the family has been adding to it. Once the dead begin attacking the living, the family find themselves desperate to gather at said compound. With chaos taking over, most of the family is already secure, but where this story finds us is with Sam's son, Fish, and granddaughter, Samantha. They're stuck in the mountains trying to wait out the storm, before making their way home, to the compound.

It's not where they want to be, but with this fairly secluded property, next to a lake and huge 3-tree, tree house, that has running water and an outhouse, things could be worse. Fish and his little girl, find the tree house much safer than the cabin, and for at least the beginning of this "zombie" apocalypse, they find themselves dependent on it.

Surviving above the dead is something young Samantha begins to believe may become the way of the future. As creative as her grandfather, she begins envisioning how such a thing would be plausible. She dreams of reaching her family to share these visions, and she dreams them while leaving the mountain, through the gorge, kayaking the Columbia River, past Multnomah Falls, and into the coast range.

What will they find once reaching the family they haven't seen since before the world and it's rules went to hell? Who will be leading the family? Will they be the same ones we get to know through flashbacks, before meeting them in the present world? Will Samantha see her visions come to life? The compound certainly has the resources and man power for it.

By the third season, with a group surviving at the barricaded Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, another group behind the walls built by a team of loggers, and one more in the hills of the coast, the Bakers will have themselves some neighbors!

The material is endless, so sit back and prepare for a hell of a ride, with a family that takes its greatness from the past world, into the new one...

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